Hello … I’m Jijiart
From an early age and throughout junior high school, high school, and university,
I mainly focused on classical music, learned to play the piano and brass instruments, and studied music therapy. Started a band during university.

From 2007 to 2008, I became a solo performer and taught myself how to make electronical music with my laptop.

In 2009, I started an electronical band unit called “Pianoroid”. I was the lead vocal.
During my time with “Pianoroid”, I mainly was the lead vocal, but I also made programs, remixes, etc. of our music.That same year, in September, we came in third place at the “Sound Rush Miyazaki 2009” even though we’ve only been a unit for only ten month.

In 2010, after finishing our time as a unit “Pianoroid”, I went back to being a solo artist and performed at live events etc. I also took part in independent film making as a special music director for Miyazaki Independent Film Guild. In addition, I am a track maker, whose responsibility is to make sound effects and remix music for other bands.

My specialty is to mix electronical sounds and many musical instruments to create ambient sounds.My theme is to create an invisible worldly atmosphere using modern, classical, and other genres.

A side from solo performances I also perform at “Quiet Night’s Room“.

2007年~08年。 ソロとして活動を開始。

2009年、電子音楽ユニット「ピアノロイド」 開始。ボーカルを担当。



ソロ活動の他「quiet night’s room 」(クワイエットナイツルーム)
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